What is foodscaping?

It is transforming the landscape with edible plants. We are developing a nursery with local people,  who are raising seeds into seedlings by growing them in recycled containers which can then be transplanted into people’s yards and surrounding verges and wasteland.

In time, the whole area will be transformed into a green landscape full of healthy fruit and vegetables for everyone to pick and eat.

Project Update

These photos are proof of dreams!

2021 was our Year of Harvest and what a harvest we have reaped since the first seeds were sown in the Phoenix High School Garden!

We are seeing the literal fruit (and veg!) of our labours since we started work in the Garden with Phoenix High School, the Community Working Partnership, and support from SABBA.

In July 2021, this was a neglected piece of land. But with manpower, willpower, and prayer, the field has been cleared and tilled, and the plot transformed into a thriving vegetable garden. 

The polytunnels, pumps, and irrigation still need repair. But it is exciting to see this land regenerated and being restored to its original purpose: ripe for growing and producing an abundant crop of seasonal fruit and vegetables for our beneficiaries and the communities we serve.

Imagine the excitement when we harvested our first crops! As well as providing fresh fruit and veg to feed our Hluma kids and supplying soup kitchens, including Khanyisa Church, we have been able to sell some of the produce, reinvesting the proceeds to buy more seedlings.

Work has now begun cultivating a second plot at the school – watch this space as our Foodscaping programme grows!

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