Robotics is a fun and exciting way for our beneficiaries (aged 9 – 17) to learn many skills to support their school work as well as help them when they leave school.

Our weekly classes are run in collaboration with partners and volunteers.

This exciting program provides:

  • a positive interaction and familiarity with high-tech software and hardware (normally only realised at tertiary education level)
  • key skills sought by employers
  • a fun way to learn practical maths, IT and science and
  • confidence-boosting.


In 2019, our brilliant young people were thrilled to win a Bronze medal in the World Robotics Olympiad and, for 2 years in a row, we also entered the SumoBot Challenge and achieved top results.

In time, we believe that this will increase our young people’s personal confidence and employability in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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What an opportunity and honour for our Hluma kids, who were the only non-school group selected alongside 9 other schools across the WHOLE of Africa to take part in the Amazon Innovation Competition!

The youngsters, from our CoderDojo and Robotics groups, were tasked with finding a solution to littering in their communities and combatting pollution. 

Our young inventors came up with the design to build a vacuum cleaner that flies with sensors to go to different places, helping with pollution! These innovators of the future also had the idea of encouraging recycling through a voucher scheme, exchanging recyclable items for a voucher to be spent in local shops.  

The group presented their initial prototype and ideas to the other schools before a panel of judges. 

Lucy, who oversees Hluma, said: “The judges were blown away with how our kids did the presentation, their ideas, and how they came up with the structures they built. As a team, we were really happy that they did this and weren’t shy especially as the presentation had to be done in English.” 

She added: “It’s one of a kind and the first time a project like this has come to schools in disadvantaged communities in Cape Town. The kids are very excited to be part of this.”

The competition culminated with an award ceremony before parents, judges, stakeholders, and Amazon media. 

What an incredible experience! We didn’t win but seeing how the children have thrived has been a win in itself!