From unemployed to a double celebration!

This is Pamella

Unemployed and searching for work, a friend told her about NewDay.

Pamella enrolled in our End-User Computing course and W4AL programme.

That was in 2020. Then, the Covid-19 Pandemic hit.

With restrictions imposed on meeting in person, all the students had to study from home resulting in it taking 1-year to complete the 6-month course.

Pamella said: “It wasn’t easy for us students because of the pandemic but I didn’t quit. I received all the support I needed from the team at NDU. We finished our course by the grace of God. NewDay’s ministry is changing lives – today I am a living testimony.”

After volunteering for NDU, Pamella was offered a role at the Health Foundation in 2021.

This month is a double celebration as she marks her 1-year anniversary in her job and formally graduating from our CLC and W4AL programme in our first graduation ceremony since Covid.

She added: “I pray that all those who have the means may sponsor NDU to keep up the good work of bringing hope to the community.”

Well done Pamella – what a testimony to your hard work and perseverance!

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